Admin Application Template

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Admin Application Template

Post by [Superadmin] Hankshark on Fri Jun 24, 2016 2:19 pm

1. What is your Steam name?

2. Steam-ID?

3. In game name?

4. Have you been recommended by an Admin+? State their name.

5. Are you currently a Moderator? (You have to be)

6. Why do you want to become an Admin?

7. What does a DarkRP Admin do?

8. What was your experience as a Moderator like?

9. An Admin has some Authority over Players and Moderators. But if there is a Head-Admin, this Authority is taken away. Do you understand?

10. Do you have any Warns/bans?

11. Being an Admin is a huge responsibility, and there is a 0-tolerance policy. If you mess up, you will be demoted to mod. Do you understand?

Everything stated in this Application is true and if not, I will be punished.
(Your Name)

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