Rules - Read or face the Punishment!

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Rules - Read or face the Punishment!

Post by [OWNER]Mj2hogan on Thu Jun 09, 2016 2:52 pm

Welcome users. Thanks for reading the rules. - Any Staff on duty are allowed inside bases.
[Base Rule] - No Head glitching to get into a base - Say i was intering a base, to inter i had to crouch, my head sticks above the prop and they players can shoot it (head-glitch)
1. Respect staff and players.
1/2. DO NOT USE THE SANS/PAPIRUS WEAPONS, Those belong to mj.
2. DO not RDM!
3. Do not kill people with a car!
4.DO NOT ABUSE your job in any way
5. Do not break NLR rule.
6. DO NOT HACK/CHEAT/Exploit the map.
7. Do not spam anything!
8. Do NOT prop- anything, [Prop kill, surf, push, trap that stuff.]
9. No Spawn killing
10. Don't troll, shit talk or anything like that.
11. NLR wait time is 5mins at max!
12. Do not camp outside spawn and wait for people to exit then kill them.
14. Do not kill players in a sit.
16. Its  a owner's permission, You must let Mj2hogan know before kicking/banning someone, if mj is not on do SG Sniper!!!
17. Do not /ooc Admin to me or /advert Admin to me or @admin to me say @I was R.D.M'd by [name]

----------------Job Rules-------------------
--------------Gun Dealer------------------
1. You cannot become a gun dealer, buy a gun, then switch jobs.
2. Do not raid as a gun dealer
3. YOU CANNOT BASE IF YOU ARE THE ONLY gun dealer on the server.
4.You cant swith to a gun dealer to buy a gun then swith to a [lets say] theif thats FailRP.
1. You cannot buy doors.
2. You cant build a hobo base that takes up a large part of land.
----------------Vip Bomber+Bomber------------------------------
1. After your done adverting you must wait 20 mins to add do it again.
2. You cant advert in spawn
3. You cant advert Right out of spawn
----Vip Bomber Part-----
1. You must advert 2 times to kill
2. You cant advert in a sit
3. You cant abuse this job
----------------Gangster, Mob boss, the raiders------------------
1. You must wait 20 mins to raid again
2. You cannot mug the same person
3. You cannot base with other jobs, say as Gangster with a Hacker.
-----------------------Hobo Fight contest/hobos-------------------------
1. Hobo fight contest MUST have enough money to let players make bets.
2. Hobo fight contest MUST not help any hobo in fights.
3. No Cheating in the fights.
------------------------Zombie Event-------------------------------------
1.  You cant be a infected without a zombie ref/manager or players.
2. The event starts every 12 mins. when at least 2 members are started.
3. You cant ask a admin for a gun
4. You cant use any props
----------------------------Paint ball wars----------------------------------
1. You MUST steal the tire in the middle of the map then take it back to your base then protect it for 10 mins.
2. TDM gamemode On a TDM (team death match) you must kill the other team, any attacking of you team you get jail 100sec. kicked out of painball wars. 4 times
3. S&D in a S&D (search and destory) you must plant the tire at the bomb sites (barriers) then protect it for 2 mins.
4. In a KoH in a KoH (King of the Hill) you must stand on the hill (grave stone) for 3mins.
5. In a KOS match (Kill on sight or Free For All) you kill everyone
6. No shooting at refs.
7. Admins may do anything to rule breakers.
8. In ADMINvsPLAYER you kill admins, when your attacking them admins are allowed to use ANY weapon, if you kill a admin you get 125000$
-----------------------Any Hitman----------------------------------
1. If your hit is on a admin that is on duty, tell the admin to tp to you and then tell them why you want to kill them
2. You cannot ask for hits
3. You cannot pay for hits
4. You cant deny a hit just becuase the hit is ur friend
5. No cheating
6. No baseing
1. You must wait 20mins to advert again
2. You can only use the guns your supplied with/NO USING NUKE
3. you can kill in spawn, but only kill the person in spawn once.
-------------------Vip,Vip+,Supporter job rules-------------------
1. You cant abuse that job
2. You cant use that job just for its wepon
3. You cant ask for any other job, just the jobs that come with your rank
4. You must pay for the rank even if staff (owner gets all jobs)

1. If you buy a gun you cant go RDMing all the time cool down some time, but with the knife KOS ALL DAY
2. You cannot buy your own weapons
3. You cannot spawn any props you only run around
4. No baseing
--------------------Staff Rules---------------------------
1. You cant kick without permission, unless a rank above you isnt on
2. you cant be rude
3. You cant be nice just to your friends
4. No abusing
5. No nocliping off duty
6. No nothing off duty
1. No abusing
2. You can kick/ban when you need to but if the owner is on let them know so they dont get bitched at later
3. You can demote with permission
4. You can do something urgent off duty if it is rlly important.
5. You still have to pay for vip,vip+,supporter,UberSupporter,DonaterExpert all that
1. Owner has no rules
2.Owner has to rules
3. Owner gets all job
4. Owner has no rules
What some stuff means.
1. NLR = New Life Rule. You cannot go to your point of death for 5 mins.
2. RDM = Randomly killing someone.
3. CDM = Killing someone with a car for fun.
3. Fail-RP = Say your job is a gun dealer, but your raiding that's fail RP.
4. Fear-RP = Say your being mugged you cannot pull a gun out. Or your being kidnapped you cant run from the kidnapper!!
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